With our Full Maintenance Lease, SBC Drive will take care of every aspect of fleet management for you. We aim to cater for those clients who want their fleet to be maintained, serviced and insured by Scelo Business Consultancy. We are insured with one of the leading insurers in South Africa. We offer comprehensive car insurance with courtesy car hire should one of our vehicles be in an accident. Our vehicles are installed with an effective tracker system that is customized based on the client needs.



An outright purchase is the method of paying for a vehicle in full with one payment. At SBC, we allow outright purchases for those clients who want to take full ownership of the vehicle, together with this purchase, we supply and deliver.


lease with

Pull & Push

Residual Value

At SBC, we offer operating lease with pull & push residual value, we have customized this service to the client’s needs after the end of the leasing term.



Scelo Business Consultancy PTY Ltd is not a licensed service provider, and therefore extends all implied requirements of the in-house insurance service provider to the client (private or public organizations). However, it is ascribed in our policies regulating governance of this organization that we find and contract the best insurance service provider that fits the offering of our services. That is, affordable yet comprehensive insurance cover for our clients.

We have streamlined the process of claims to ensure convenience and hassle – free service to our clients. We are comprehensively covered by the best insurance service providers in the industry. Our vehicles are installed with tracker services which offers many benefits suitable for our client’s needs.

We are the best solution for vehicles!

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